God’s Not Dead 2 Movie Review


No matter what religion you identify with, if you believe in God, you MUST go see this movie! Not only does the movie represent over a dozen real-life cases trying to extinguish the mentioning of God in schools, this movie is a stark wake-up call to all of us believers of God that Satan will not leave our freedom of religion alone. And now he is attacking it through government.

If you absolutely loved the 90s show “Clarissa Explains It All” or “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, then you will be happy to see Melissa Joan Hart cast as Grace Wesley, the teacher on trial for mentioning the name of Jesus and a Bible verse in her high school history class. She is joined by Jesse Metcalfe (“John Tucker Must Die”) as Tom Endler, her cute yet determined lawyer.

I especially love this movie because it encourages good people to stand up for what they believe instead of just sitting back and doing nothing. (Even the high school students joined the cause and fought for what they believed in because they felt like they should.) It encourages people of all religions to stand together and fight for their freedom of religion no matter what the cost, with a sure faith that if you defend God, He will surely defend you.

Check out the trailer and the “Guilty” music video by the Newsboys below.

And if you love this movie, please share it with others and encourage them to go see it as well! Let’s stop taking our freedom of religion for granted and stand up against the world when that freedom is being jeopardized!

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