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Maddy Fritz has been busy! Not only did she do a photo shoot with us for our June issue, but she continues to bring out new music and music videos. You can download or listen to her new song “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” from the compilation CD “A Child’s Prayer.” And check out her new music video cover of “Bright” by Echosmith. GORGEOUS! :)

Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Outfit 3

Carmen Outfit 3


Love love love this outfit from on Carmen Rasmusen Herbert. Photography by Kristi Burton.

Green sweater dress #1284, A’reve, $69.99.
Ane Mone leggings #381, $7.99.
Boot Cuffs #1323, Girly, $12.99.
Headband #1338, Jolie, $36.99.
Bling earrings #837, $3.99.

And read Carmen’s views on reality TV, Sadie Robertson, and “old-fashioned” values from our interview:

Celestial Shine Magazine: I love the story at the beginning of your book “Staying in Tune” when you refused to wear an immodest pink outfit for a photo shoot.
Carmen: They thought I was being stubborn instead of saying, “I have values and standards.” Right now, Sadie Robertson is on Dancing with the Stars, and I think it’s so awesome how she’s standing up for herself. Some people have tweeted live, “I am so grateful that Sadie is standing up for her old-fashioned values.” And I’m like, “They’re just values. They’re not old-fashioned. Maybe it’s just old-fashioned to have values.” Well, what are modern values? What would a modern value look like? No, it would look like a regular value or a regular standard. So it’s tough to keep those and be on reality TV. I’ve actually looked at her and thought, “Wow, she’s doing a really good job standing up for herself, too.”

Celestial Shine Magazine: It’s ironic because a lot of people try to go and do those talent reality TV shows to validate themselves, but then they just get torn down.
Carmen: Totally. Reality TV is not a place to go for self-confidence. You need to have that before you go on the show, or it will rip you to shreds

To read the full interview, check out the Jan/Feb 2015 issue. Subscribe here.





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Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Outfit 2 (Valentine’s Day)

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Another cute outfit from Chic Style Boutique, modeled by Carmen Rasmusen Herbert. And it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Photography by Kristi Burton.

Kut dressed jeans #1297, Kut from the Kloth, $81.99.
Plaid shirt #1347, $28.99.
Heart Shirt #1381, Hello, $24.99.
Big scarf #1379, Girly, $16.99.
Hoop earrings, $3.99.
All items can be purchased at Chic Style Clothing Boutique or

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Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Outfit 1 and Interview

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Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: American Idol superstar turned amazing stay-at-home mom. Check out some of the interview questions and answers that didn’t make it into the magazine. Subscribe here to read the whole interview and see more of her amazing fashion from Chic Style Boutique. Photos by Kristi Burton Photography.


Striped tee #1348, Mikarose, $34.99.
Over-sized sweater #1301, MittoShop, $45.99.
Distressed boyfriend jeans #1340, Ellison Denim, $48.99.
Handmade earrings #155, Dandilicious, $7.99.
All items can be purchased at Chic Style Clothing Boutique or


What are some of your talents/hobbies…besides singing, of course? Writing, crafting, playing the piano and guitar, writing songs, and reading. I just love reading. My dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii and read non-stop for 5 days.
What is your favorite book? I don’t even think that I can pick. My most recent favorite is Sheri Dew’s “Women and the Priesthood.” That is a great book and so timely—perfect for what is going on in today’s world—and that has personally been uplifting for the past few months.


How did the scriptures and the gospel help you through all of this craziness? Every night, I would call my family, and we’d say family prayer and do family scripture study. I took my own scriptures with me. I would say my prayers every morning and every night and before every performance. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my faith and without my scriptures and praying. I needed my Heavenly Father’s help then more than ever in my life.

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