How to Get Excited Before, During, and After General Conference



General Conference is coming up, and you’ll probably never find another people anywhere excited to sit and watch talks for 8 hours in one weekend (10 hours for the guys!) If you find you’re dreading General Conference instead of looking forward to it, apply some of these suggestions to make your General Conference weekend meaningful this year!


Before General Conference
1) Write down some questions you have. Take some time a few days before conference to find something that you need answered in your life. It could be a doctrinal question or a question about your personal life or dilemma you are currently facing. (Examples of questions: “How can I have more faith?” “How can I forgive my friend who offended me?” “How should I deal with the bully at school?” “What should I do about my parents’ divorce?”) There are no “wrong” questions. If you have a question and have faith, the Lord will answer it during General Conference!

2) Make a General Conference notebook. You can find some great ideas here and here. Then take notes in it during all of the sessions. If you focus on a specific value from Personal Progress, you can do this for any Value Project!

3) Watch the #BecauseHeLives video at and then take note of the blessings in your life because of Jesus Christ.

During General Conference
1) Take notes. Don’t just write down word-for-word what the speaker is saying. Instead, write down your impressions. Then take note of the talks that specifically touch you so you can read them again later

2) Look for answers to the question you asked. The answers won’t just come during the talks. Your answer could come during the songs or prayers, too. (Note: If you receive thoughts during General Conference while you are listening, you might wonder if they are from the Spirit or just you. If you are trying your best to find your answer and listen to the conference, then you can be assured that because you are doing what is right that they are promptings from the Spirit. WRITE THEM DOWN!!!)

3) Join the #ldsconf discussion on Twitter
-Make sure to follow the hashtag #ldsconf and tag all of your own inspired posts with the hashtag
-You might be surprised at the uplifting conversation that is going on behind the scenes of conference, and you’ll probably catch more than you would on your own (including the colors of everyone’s ties…haha)
-Some great accounts to keep an eye on during conference: @SISTASinZION, @22AlFox, @PowerofOneGirl, @CelestialMagz

After General Conference
1) Review your notes, looking specifically for the answers to your questions

2) For the next 6 months, study a General Conference talk per week, starting with the talks that stood out to you while you were listening.

3) Create picture quotes of your favorite quotes from GC and then #sharegoodness on social media



Still not excited? Watch this video by Nic Fitzgerald of the Church leaders singing “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and just try not to feel happy!