New Studio C videos

Studio C Shoulder Angel

We don’t know about you, but we LOOOOOVE Studio C! Our favorite feeling is when we get on YouTube and see that there is a NEW Studio C skit added. Check out these two new videos from Studio C and love them even more! :)

Fav Movie of 2015?

beehive movie


There have been so many great movies this year so far! (Can anyone say Insurgent and Cinderella?!?!?) The good news is that the year isn’t over yet!

Did you know that a movie about Girl’s Camp is coming out this summer (August 14)? Watch the trailer for it here:

Dark Lord Funk and Other Parodies by Mormons

Have you seen the new Harry Potter parody of “Uptown Funk” called “Dark Lord Funk?” It just recently hit 6 million views and was even commented on by J.K. Rowling, calling it a “work of genius” on Twitter. And it was all created by Brigham Young University students Andrew Carver and Keith Allen.

Watch the video here:

But they aren’t the only Mormons to create great parodies. Check out some other parodies here:

Seen another Mormon parody that you love? Shout it out in the comments below!

YouTube Mormonstyle



Since the beginning of YouTube, ordinary people have been able to share their amazing talents and absolutely shine. These 10 YouTube videos by Mormons are the perfect reflection of the amazing talent there is in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

The sibling Frozen piano duel:

This LDS teen might be performing in his bathroom, but we were sure it was actually Andy Grammar singing:

This adorable blonde stole our heart with her gorgeous voice. We’re sure she’ll steal yours, too!

This Ellie Goulding cover by Tiffany Alvord (and Chester See) got stuck in our head all day:

Jessica Frech, making gospel music without making it sound “Churchy”:

This cover of “Still I Fly” by City of Enoch…there aren’t words to describe…

One of our favorite “Let It Go” covers that showcases three LDS talents…Alex Boye, Lexi Walker, and the One Voice Children’s Choir:

This cover of “Glorious” by Madelyn Merchant is just that…glorious…

These 3 sisters rock it out modestly in this music video:

And who can forget the extremely talented dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling?

Do you know of a Mormon YouTuber with some serious talent? Share with us!