November Mini Mag 2 featuring Al Fox Carraway is now available!

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November 2015 Mini Mag 2

By Emily Punjack in Celestial Shine Magazine

26 pages, published 11/17/2015

Get to know Al Fox Carraway and how she is on-fire in the gospel. Find some amazing winter fashion styled and photographed by 17-year-old Addison Jones. Learn how to be a Weekday Warrior instead of just a Sunday Saint. And hear about how to use your resources when trying to be modest from a fellow young woman.



And don’t forget to order Al’s new book “More Than the Tattooed Mormon” available at Deseret Book, LDS Bookstore, or Barnes and Noble.

July 2015 Mini Mag 4 Just Released!

July 2015 Mini Mag 4

By Emily Punjack in Celestial Shine Magazine

24 pages, published 7/18/2015

Join guest fashion blogger Emily Smith (Our Lovely Deseret) as she talks about why modesty is important and proves that modesty can be fashionable, classy, and cute! Also, join her as she shares some of her favorite modest outfits and trends.

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July 2015 Mini Mag 3 Just Released!

July 2015 Mini Mag 3

By Emily Punjack in Celestial Shine Magazine

24 pages, published 7/13/2015

Be inspired through our vintage fashion spread through the eras and get your 20s, 40s, and beyond on! Also, find some great trends for your hair and head on real girls just like you! Read and believe our youth article: you weren’t made to be photoshopped!

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July Mini Mag #1 is now available!

Great news! Our first mini mag for July is now available!

July 2015 Mini Mag 1

By Emily Punjack in Celestial Shine Magazine

28 pages, published 6/26/2015

Meet Bekah Pence who won the title of Ms. Virginia and find out how it’s helping her fulfill her dreams. Find some great music for summer. And learn about your royal heritage.

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Important Subscription Announcement and Changes

What’s changing?

Due to the high cost of printing and the lack of subscriptions coming in, we have to make some temporary changes to the Celestial Shine Magazine subscriptions at this time. Printed subscriptions will be temporarily suspended until we gain more subscribers. In the meantime, digital subscriptions will still be available. And we are attempting to provide an affordable way for you to continue to receive printed issues (if you wish to do so) on-demand using MagCloud.

What will happen to my subscription?

If you have already purchased a printed subscription, we are providing this service: we are providing you an unlimited digital subscription until the printed subscription is reinstated. From that point on, you will receive all of the printed issues that you have paid for.

What if I like printed copies?

We are also trying something new this month. In order to make the on-demand printed issues affordable, we are creating mini mags which we will be releasing weekly throughout the month of July. Each mini mag will be about 24-30 pages and will contain a few articles as well as 1 or 2 photo spreads. We will email you when they are released. If you have a digital subscription, you can download these for free. Others without a subscription can download 1 mini mag for $0.99 on MagCloud or on the MagCloud app. These mini mags will also be available for purchase in print (for about $5 + shipping) but the printing will not be a part of any subscription. If you decide to order a printed mini mag, it will then be printed especially for you and sent out, so you can receive your printed issues in just a few days.

In addition, we will be releasing the full July 2015 issue digitially at the end of the month. Those with a digital subscription can download it for free. Others without a subscription can download the digital edition for $3.99. We will also provide an option to print this issue on-demand as well, but it will be quite a bit more (about $20 + shipping), which is why we decided to start mini mags.

Is this forever?

This month is a test month, so please let us know if you like the mini mags or simply like one full issue at the beginning of the month!

We hope you enjoy this month of mini mags. And thank you for your patience during these trying times! In addition, please tell your friends to subscribe so that we can begin printing again!