The Parable of the Stolen High Heels

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Once upon a time, there were twins girls who dreamed of the amazing pairs of shoes that they would wear to the Prom. After watching Cinderella and admiring the infamous glass slipper, they were sure that the perfect shoes could make a magical difference.


They went to the mall together one day with the perfect shoes in mind and money in their purses. Deciding on a meeting time, they went their separate ways to find their perfect shoes.

The first girl started her search for her perfect Prom shoes at the first store she could find in the mall. There were stilettos and high heels, ballet flats and boots, but she couldn’t find anything like the glass slippers that she desired.


After a few stores, she grew so frustrated and tired of trying on shoes and not finding what she wanted that she picked up a pair of light blue high heels and decided,

“Perhaps that perfect shoe isn’t out there. I guess that these will do.”

She turned the price tag over and gasped. It was WAY more than she was planning to spend. She would have to save her wages from her job for an entire month to pay for them.

“But why should I pay for them if I’m not even sure if I’m going to like them?” she started to ask herself. “What if I buy them and take them home and wear them for a few days, and I decide to take them back anyway? I would have wasted an entire month’s salary on them just to end up with nothing.”

She weighed the shoes in her hands as she weighed the thoughts in her mind.

“So…maybe I will take the shoes home and try them out. I can make sure that they’re comfy and that I like them and that they go with my Prom dress. Then, if they work out, I can come back after I saved up the money and pay for them then!”

She was pleased with herself and her reasoning. Her mother always did tell her that she was a smart shopper. She slid the shoes into her purse and walked out of the store…without paying for them.


The second girl wisely made her way to the mall directory and decided on three shops that would be most likely to carry the shoes that she was looking for. She searched the stores high and low for the shoes she wanted and even asked the clerks if they had anything similar. They shook their heads, and she left the mall empty-handed.

But the second girl’s shopping wasn’t done. She headed home and to the computer, searching numerous stores online and even searching Amazon and eBay for those shoes that were in her head. She looked at reviews and researched the most comfy shoe. The whole while, she looked at her sister fawning over her shoes and wished that she could be as happy, but knew that she needed to take her time to find just the right shoes. Finally, after days of searching and with only a few days left before Prom, she found her shoes online! They were in her budget and would arrive in the mail just in time!

The night of Prom, the first girl ended up wearing the light blue satin high heels (although she was still disappointed that they weren’t the glass slipper look-alikes that she wanted—she liked her sister’s shoes much more) and had a decent time, but she realized that the shoes really didn’t make her happy as she had hoped.

During one of the dances, she accidentally slipped and scuffed the shoe on the floor, leaving a black mark smudged against its satin side. And then later her date spilled a cup of Sprite on her other shoe.
At the end of the night, she sighed as she slipped off her shoes and looked at the black scuff mark and sticky mess. She scoffed.

“Good thing I didn’t pay for these,” she said. “They’re ruined. Now they won’t do anyone any good.” She shoved them under her bed. It was probably best to forget that the whole thing ever happened. But for days and even years later, it was hard for her to ignore the fact that she had stolen shoes still hiding under her bed.

The second girl, on the other hand, was so happy with her glass-slipper-look-alike shoe purchase that she showed everyone at the dance the shoes that she had found, walked carefully so as not to scuff them, and even role-played losing one slipper to her date and posted a picture of it on her Instagram account (1000 likes!)


 Photography by WGates Photography
Dress from Virtuous Prom


If a parable is “a symbolic story that teaches gospel truths by comparing them to earthly things,” what do you think that this parable represents and is trying to teach us?

The shoes =
Trying on shoes, researching, or looking online =
Stealing shoes =
Buying shoes=

Consider these questions:
Which girl was most happy with her purchase?
How did her shopping habits lead her to treat their shoes?
How did each of them feel after Prom?
How can it be dangerous to “settle”?

Use those gorgeous brains of yours and let me know what you think the story means in the comments below! It can have different meanings to different people! I will post the actual meaning in a few days, but I have a feeling that you will inspire me first! :)

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