“Hello from the Mormon side!”

“Hello” by Adele has not only swept the world, it has touched the creative sides of many LDS artists as well. Check out these gorgeous covers of “Hello” by some amazing LDS artists:

Madilyn Paige

Gardiner Sisters

Maddie Wilson

Tiffany Alvord

Rob Landes ft. Christopher Janwong McKiggan


Sara, the Piano Gal, has also mentioned doing a cover of “Hello” by Adele, so keep your eyes open for that great cover coming soon!

Watch these videos from the Piano Gal


We had the absolute honor of interviewing the Piano Gal Sara Arkell in our latest mini mag. (Check it out here or click here to subscribe and get it for free!) Not only is she a spiritually strong giant, she is also one of the most talented 13-year-olds that we know. Check out some of her latest videos here and be sure to subscribe to her channel on YouTube!


Photo by Brittany Ting

Some new videos you won’t want to miss

A video with Mindy from Cute Girl’s Hairstyles and Jeremy from Studio C

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First Ever Live Online Taping
Prom Dress Gone Wrong with Brooklyn and Bailey


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Get Mermaid Hair
Rick Rack Braid


Newest original single from Tiffany Alvord


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Behind the Scenes of her Singapore trip
See You Again cover
Bad Blood cover


Unbreakable Smile by Ashley Hess Cover


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Love Me Like You Do cover


Surprise Group Hug by Stuart Edge


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Amazing Soccer Magic Trick


Summer Swimsuit Haul by Brooklyn and Bailey

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The Other Parent Trap Parody with Studio C

Big News from Studio C

Studio C news

Studio C just announced their first online LIVE taping, so that no fan gets left behind! You’re not dreaming. This. Is. Happening!!!

The live taping will occur on Friday, June 19 at 6:30pm MST. All you have to do is go to and RSVP! Then tell all of your friends by sharing this video. Then on June 19, sit and enjoy (clean) skits that’ll make you laugh SO HARD while getting the chance to earn sweet Studio C swag. And there’s an amazing grand prize that has yet to be announced. Join me in saying it: WE LOVE STUDIO C!

Musical Victory for Mormons in the final Hunger Games?

TREN, a former group of BYU students, have written an amazing and very District-12-like song with the hopes that it will play during the closing credits for the last Hunger Games movie.

“The idea is that there comes a time when we must either fight for a chance at really ‘living life’ or give in to circumstance and simply ‘survive,'” they wrote alongside their video on YouTube. “That’s what this song is about and what we are all about in our fight to get this song in the movie.”

You can help them reach their goal of getting in the movie by watching this video and sharing it!!!!